Arthur Dean

DSC00934Arthur (Artie) Dean was born in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. After finishing a BA at New York University in 1974 he attended the University of Pennsylvania for his dental degree, where he met his wife Barbara. After a residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia he trained at Boston University until 1981 to become a Periodontist, a specialist in dental implants and gum diseases. He has been practicing in Groton, Connecticut since 1981. 

While his scientific training may not be relevant to his writing career, certainly raising his four children was. In fact his storytelling truly began while putting the kids to bed. In the Dean household bedtimes were an elaborate affair. Artie told “chose your own adventure,” stories each night and the children would choose the outcome. As his four children entered adolescence their desire for bedtime stories understandably waned. But their father’s imagination did not. He began to write stories and essays for both the Waterford Times newspaper and the Jewish Leader of Eastern Connecticut.

His column “My Two Cents,” has appeared biweekly in the Jewish Leader for the past ten years. This collection includes a variety of stories from the “My Two Cents” column and sports related essays originally printed in the Waterford Times. Three of the stories: “My Father’s Shoes,” “The Kiddush Cup,” and “A Family Found,” were published in the Masorti/Conservative Judaism magazine, an international publication distributed to members of the Conservative Movement throughout the United States and Canada.

Artie lives with his wife, Barbara, in Waterford, Connecticut. He continues to write, and Barbara edits all his work. Currently he is working on a novel. He plans to publish another collection of short stories next year.