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Days of Creativity

A collection of poems by Jon Norman

Edited by James Stidfole


This is a remarkable book of poems by Jon Norman, arguably one of the finest post-war poets born in New London, CT., edited by James Stidfole. 

Described by Associate Professor Mark Goldsmith of Mitchell College as “Brilliantly organized into a coherent whole…” it is filled with six sections of poetry, each coherent in of itself, which guide you through the main phases of Jon’s life.  Finally ending with the section “Out of the dark” and concludes with a wonderful poem pleading on behalf of us all to clothe our days in creativity. 

As you read Jon’s poems you enter a world of concepts and images that are multi-layered, multifaceted, intense, passionate, lyrical and complex.  They will leave you at times motionless and open-mouthed as if caught in the headlights of the burning vision and language of a member of the generation who Mark Goldsmith rightly asserts is desperately searching for the “moral high ground―and ultimately personal and cultural redemption… in a modern world of enormous capabilities to do what is right and good.” 

It is simply a wonderful book and its essence is captured in the ineffably beautiful final poem “A Raiment of Days” from which the title was taken. It is a fitting tribute to Jon Norman and his life: family, friends, and Little Red Tree Publishing are immensely proud of the result.