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Little Red Tree Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited full length manuscripts of fiction and creative nonfiction throughout the year. Translations and bi-lingual manuscripts will be considered, but all work must be in the English language.


• Manuscripts must include a $20 reading fee.

• The manuscript should be previously unpublished.

• Manuscripts should be presented in our preferred “word” program, double spaced, typed in 12 point Times New Roman or Arial, with 1” margins all around. A contents page and pagination would be helpful. Illustrations or photographs maybe included but are to be related to specific text.

• All children’s book manuscripts should include illustrations, which need to be naturalistic/realistic representations of animals and people rather than cartoons. We prefer the text to be in traditional poetic rhyming.

• Please include a covering letter and a brief synopsis of the book that defines the concept or theme of your book. Also include your previous publishing history, photo, and biographical details.

• All submissions must include a digital version of all information [if you are mailing your submission, please enclose a CD with the manuscript, relevant information, and JPEG photographs (300 dpi preferred)]. The digital version of your submission will be dispersed to the reading panel.

• The first page of the manuscript should include the title, and all contact information, including name, address, email address, and phone number.

• A self-addressed stamped postcard is required to acknowledge receipt of a manuscript if required. Manuscripts will be returned if a suitable SASE is supplied with a free book.

• As a very small publisher we can only publish a few books a year. If you do not hear from us in 6 months it is unlikely we will be able to publish your work. Therefore we encourage you to simultaneously submit your manuscript to other publishers, however, Little Red Tree Publishing should be notified immediately if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

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