Mike Linnard

Michael J. Linnard

Originally from Cardiff, South Wales, Michael joined the Royal Air Force at 16 and after serving nine years began a life as a songwriter and musician. After several years of making wonderful music with two great friends Christopher Mark Jones and David Hughes he decided to study Furniture Design and later moving into Interior and Graphic Design. He left professional design to become a teacher [of design], rising to Director of Design Technology in several London [UK] inner city schools. During this period Michael again took up the reigns of his musical past with John Shirbon, writing numerous songs and producing two fine CDs called “Some Other Time” and “This I know.”  In 2004 Michael met Tamara and moved to the United States from the UK.  They were married in New Orleans, Louisiana and decided to start a publishing company with a difference in New London, Connecticut. In late 2015 he moved to North Platte, Nebraska and planted another little red tree.


Tamara Martin-LinnardGreat Plains Health

Tamara Martin

Originally from Louisiana, Tamara trained first as a Kindergarten Teacher and adored teaching little children.  She later became a RN and traveled all over the United States rising to the position of Director of Nursing.  During that time she wrote many poems and short stories.  She is an accomplished watercolor artist who once sold her work in Jackson Square, New Orleans, and sang Jazz at the Blacksmith’s Shop on Bourbon Street. She won awards in Community Theatre for Best” Director, Set Design, Lead Actress and Supporting Actress.  She worked behind the scenes in film and most recently under the direction of Eugene J. Celico, on an independent film, “The Tournament,” which won an award at the Rhode Island Film Festival in 2006. Recently she completed a Master Degree in Nursing Management and continues to work on her PhD at Loyola University, New Orleans. She moved to North Platte, Nebraska to initially take up a position as Director of Behavioral Health, however, early in 2017 she was promoted to Chief Clinical Officer of Great Plains Health.



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