cover cd sundays in the southCD – Sundays in the South – 30 Selected Poems set to Music

by Tamara Martin & Vernice Quebodeaux


As an essential companion to the book we offer a special limited edition CD.   Now there is the chance not only to read the poems and look at the many beautiful photographs but to hear Tamara’s wonderful voice set to music.   

In this CD – Sunday’s in the South – 30 Selected Poems set to Music, Tamara has chosen 30 poems which are indicative of the entire book.  They cover the whole range and all are set to beautiful music from Erik Satie, Mike Sahagian, John Shirbon, David Hughes and Michael Linnard.   The CD also marks the recording debut of Tamara, who until this CD had never set foot in a recording studio in her life.   Mike Sahagian, a vastly experienced session keyboard player and recent Britney Spears touring keyboard player, engineered the recording and was amazed at Tamara’s speed, precision and fabulous recorded voice.   Tamara’s many years as a community theatre actress and her lovely innate Southern soothing voice provided the experience and natural gift to add an extra magical dimension to the poetry, which must be heard and experienced.   

Many of the poems will move you to tears and others will make you laugh out loud with each passing poem.   For those who already have the book the poems will already be very familiar, but to hear the author read them will enhance your enjoyment immeasurable.  You will never tire of listening to them. 




Track List:

1. Sunday’s in the South (2.28)

Music: ‘Fairground Waltz’ , from, ‘Russell Square’ – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

2. The Old Road of Clay (2.31)

Music: ‘Winter Snow Blue Night’, from, ‘Russell Square’ – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

3. Quiet Screams near the Ocean (1.55)

Music: ‘Night Music I’ , Mike Sahagian

4. Bubbles and Pinwheels (0.59)

Music: ‘Russell Square’, from, ‘Russell Square’ – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

5. Seasons in the South (1.44)

Music: ‘Irish Missed’, from, ‘Some Other Time’ – Michael Linnard & John Shirbon

6. If Walls could Talk (1.29)

Music: ‘Prelude de La porte heroique du ciel’, Erik Satie (performed by Mike Sahagian)

7. Through the Grass (1.58)

Music: ‘Night Music II’, Mike Sahagian

8. Pathways (2.51)

Music: ‘Gnossiennes No 1’, Erik Satie (Performed by Mike Sahagian)

9. In the Path of Heroes (2.03)

Music: ‘Taps’, (Traditional) Performed by Mike Sahagian

10. Two Path’s of Death (3.09)

Music: ‘Gymnopedie No 1’, Erik Satie (Performed by Mike Sahagian)

11. Love must be a Verb (0.57)

Music: ‘Khartoum’, from, ‘Russell Square’ – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

12. Free Falling (1.28)

Music: ‘Night Music III’, Mike Sahagian

13. He makes me smile (1.12)

Music: ‘Primrose Walk’, from, ‘Russell Square; – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

14. I will miss you (1.45)

Music: ‘Never thought ‘till now’, from, ‘This I know’ – Michael Linnard & John Shirbon

15. Wolf Creek Pass (2.50)

Music: ‘Night Music IV’, Mike Sahagian

16. Baby Girl (1.41)

Music: ‘Aimee’s Lullaby’, Mike Sahagian

17. Every Man and Every Woman (1.30)

Music: ‘Night Music V’, Mike Sahagian

18. Just a Letter to my Best Friend (3.19)

Music: ‘Raining in Nivelles’, from, ‘Russell Square’ – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

19. The Lost Child (2.13)

Music: ‘Night Music VI’, Mike Sahagian

20. My Inner Child (1.18)

Music: ‘Night Music VII’, Mike Sahagian

21. Broken Toys and Shattered Dreams (1.56)

Music: ‘Night Music VIII’, Mike Sahagian

22. The Lonely Drunk (2.03)

Music: ‘Night Music IX’, Mike Sahagian

23. Mental Prison (1.16)

Music: ‘Night Music X’, Mike Sahagian

24. One Click (2.09)

Music: ‘Night Music XI’, Mike Sahagian

25. Foot Print in a Parking Lot (1.35)

Music: ‘Night Music XII’, Mike Sahagian

26. Love is (5.15)

Music: ‘Night Music XIII’, Mike Sahagian

27. Reunion (Class of ‘46) (1.41)

Music: ‘Night Music XIV’, Mike Sahagian

28. Big Black Pencil (1.56)

Music: ‘Friday up and Sunday down’, from, ‘Russell Square’ – Michael Linnard & David Hughes

29. Sunrise on the Sea (2.16)

Music: ‘Night Music XV’, Mike Sahagian

30. Winter’s Canadian Sunset (1.29)

Music: ‘Night Music XVI’, Mike Sahagian