cover The RevenantTHE REVENANT

By Richard Harteis

($19.95, (7” X 10”) Paperback, 130 pages)


The Revenant is a wonderful collection of poems that chronicle Harteis admiration and grief for his dear friend, the renown poet William Meredith. The poems within pay attention to life with heightened sensitivity of a real poet, transforming raw emotion into art through direct, deceptively simple language and a brilliant talent for metaphor.



Praise for The Revenant

“Throughout the poems found in THE REVENANT, man’s best friend joins Richard Harteis as they make their way down the long road of grief. In one photo, Daisy sits next to a marble pillow of rest, but the closer you look the more you see. There is a beloved name on the stone. Its Honor Guard, a Spaniel, asks Richard: “Will your words tell our story?” With Daisy as talisman, they grieve for all that remains on this verdant plane after the love of their lives has left.

“Harteis unravels the fierce complexity of loss in language made memorable. A man and a dog groom life out of the wilderness of relentless pain, turning to one another for kindness, in mutual indenture. Through the alchemy of poetry, telling a story takes the hurt out of memory. The reader will not ask “What do you want me to feel?” Harteis makes everything possible through his ability to summon dedicated elements of speech, sweet and simple.

“The poems rise not only from life and death, but something better- something imagined. We live with the author and his Spaniel, but sometimes the most important character is offstage. So this is a book about man, dog, and poet William Meredith, to whom this book and Richard’s life are dedicated.” –Grace Cavalieri, Producer/Host “The Poet and the Poem” from the Library of Congress


“Writing these poems is one of the ways in which Richard struggles to be reconciled to his loss, a series of elegiac lyrics which come together as a non-lineal narrative of their lives together and Richard’s life now, alone, and as a moving and often artless extended elegy.” – Peter Klappert


“These are hard poems. Honest poems that glimpse a life filled with humor, respect, camaraderie and love. Poems that realize their end.” – Cheryl A Townsend