Sundays in the South

By Tamara Martin and Vernice Quebodeaux

($19.95, (7” X 10”) Hardback, 150 pages, plus 120 b&w photograph)

Tamara Martin & Vernice Quebodeaux, mother and daughter, have combined their considerable talents to create a wonderful book of poetry that ranges far and wide from the hilarious, sad, joyous, cute, to the serious thought-provoking and profound comment on aspects of life as lived by two women from the 1920s up to the present. The book is enhanced by over 120 stunning original black and white photographs, many recipes and a chapter of genealogy, tracing the family history of Tamara’s mother [Quebodeaux] and father [Martin]. Tamara Martin, in this book, shares the writing with her late Mother, Vernice Quebodeaux. They were both born in Louisiana and are most definitely Southern Ladies. In their poetry, you will see one great gift and that is an ability to communicate and relate to people, touching the heart with their words that give insights into everyday life. They also share something else, which is that both Mother and daughter were and are incredibly creative and talented with an impressive range of skills and achievements. They also share one final and everlasting bond, above all else, that will bind them inextricably together forever and that is the shared experience of a paradoxical life of both idyllic family happiness together with abuse, dysfunction and tragedy, which has shaped and formed their lives. A shared experience, which you will see lay bare before you in as uninhibited, but accessible, poetic form as one could imagine. The book is visually enhanced by the addition of many outstanding photographs, which in many ways deserve to be published in their own right, taken of people and places of their lives. Inside the pages of this book, you will find poetry, which essentially defines the life of two women, Mother and Daughter that is totally compelling, entertaining and sustaining. 


Vernice Quebodeaux



Louisiana ‘Martin Crew’ – 1959/1960-ish


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