Under Red Cedars

By Mary Elizabeth Lang

($19.95, (7” X 10”) Paperback, 154 pages)

Under Red Cedars, by Mary Elizabeth Lang, is an important artistic contribution to the early history of the United States of America. It contains the unique poetic voice of Mary Elizabeth, a descendant from both European and Native American ancestry that articulates the real stories of women whose lives and memories have been silent in recorded history for far too long. 

Every poem in this book beautifully, gently and tenderly portrays a poignant vignette of personal injustice, sadness, horror, tragedy, love and family through the unique experiences of women. As you read these poems you will enter a world of stories and experiences that will be uplifting and reaffirm your faith in the human spirit to survive. In these poems, their spirit and memories by osmosis will live on in you while they peacefully rest under red cedars.

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